Meet the Company: Sara Mallen DeNatalie

November 2, 2015


We'd love to introduce our Stable Cable company member and stage manager extraordinaire, Sara Mallen DeNatalie!


Tell us about your creative role in BECAUSE ME.

My role is less creative and more creative-enabling.  As stage manager I try to stay on top of all the practical needs of the show (props, schedules, tech) so that the actors and Max Baker, our director, can focus on really getting to the creative heart of the piece through character and scene work. There is of course a bit of creativity necessary in figuring out how to deal with the ever-changing details for a show as current and collaborative as this one but that’s where I am thankful to have the help of the rest of the fantastic creative team.


Is this your first time collaborating with Stable Cable? 

This is my second time collaborating with Stable Cable, the first being “Live From the Surface of the Moon”.  Working with the incredibly talented company members as well as the ever-interesting Max Baker was an experience I was eager to relive so when I was asked to come on for Max’s second full production with Stable Cable I immediately accepted.


What is your favorite thing about this piece and/or what do you like most about the process?

One thing that Max often says in rehearsal is that this play has always already existed and that we are just discovering it now.  I see the truth in that as I go about my daily life and realize how much of an “Else” I can be, or when Mimi says something and I immediately see a friend of mine standing there instead of a character.  As a millennial, seeing my life up on stage affects me in such a real way and I feel like that effect is exactly what theatre needs to offer to its audience to be worth watching.


What else do you have coming up, or currently running?

I am often helping out at The New Group or filling in at Drunk Shakespeare as well as currently looking for my next long term project. Anyone reading who needs a stage manager- let me know!

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